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Archway Connection eXcelling through Experiential Learning. ACxCEL is also for Access to Excel.

  • A full-day bi-weekly experiential learning program directed to homeschooled youth. 

  • The program offers socializing, animal care and welfare, activities in environmental sustainability, lessons in communication, arts, music, maths and sciences, fitness and biomechanics,  Animal and human psychology and behaviour. Through unconventional and indirect activities and modalities, youth are taught in ways the focus on their strengths.  Youth are encouraged to digitally disconnect and reconnect through nature and life. This environment is key to their successes.



To be Kind, Explore, Express & be Nurtured!

  • The focus of the Archway K.E.E.N. Kids Club program is to provide weekly outdoor-based activities that enrich the lives of children in our community. The activities help to build friendships, creativity, communication, confidence, healthy boundaries, a sense of belonging and inclusion. 

  • Each rotation of youth remains small, so that more attention and care is received. Each rotation includes a total of 8 youth ranging in age from 6-12.

  • The Club runs on weekend days in 4-week rotations. It runs from 10:00am-1:00pm.  All program activity materials are provided. 

  • This program has been thus far been extremely successful for it’s 2 years running. It’s demand in attendance is regularly growing and expanding. The biggest limitation is the funding needed for all families to access this program for their child(ren).

Saddle Up for Success

  • 1 day/week through July and August

  • A 54h Summer Intensive Program For ages 13-17

  • Runs July through August on Mondays from 9-3

  • Youth are engaged in activities that will strengthen empathy, responsibility, communication, leadership and teamwork. Activities include: learning to horseback ride, animal care, art therapy, mindfulness, orienteering and cultivating survival tools.

  • Cost: $905 per youth (Limited spots)

P.E.A.C.E. Warriors     

Prince Edward All Connections Engagement

  • The goal of the Archway Connection’s P.E.A.C.E. Warriors program is to provide weekly outdoor-based activities that enrich the lives of teenage youth in our community with a focus on low-income and at-risk youth. 

  •  The adolescent years can be quite challenging to navigate. The P.E.A.C.E. Warriors program will aid in youth developing friendships, communication, confidence, healthy boundaries, stability,  a sense of belonging, inclusion and safety.

  • The program is run in 4 week rotations on Tuesday evenings from 3:30-5:30. Each rotation of youth remains small, allowing facilitators to offer the best attention and care as possible. Each rotation includes participants ranging in ages from 13-17 years.  All program activity materials are provided. 

  • This is a much needed program. With bullying, peer pressure, societal demands, P.E.A.C.E. Warriors is a program for teenagers to learn tools to help them succeed in their lives.  Funding is the only barrier to allow us to move forward in offering the program as soon as possible. 

T.E.E.N.S. Space     

Together Exploring, Expressing ,Nurturing & Sharing

  • This is a weekly 3h program for teenagers needing a safe, inclusive, supportive space to explore, learn, share mindfullness and wellness techniques. For teens experiencing stress, anxiety, grief, trauma, bullying to questioning their inner-self, who they are and want to be. 

  • *Potential to be offered at schools upon request. 

Empowering Entrepreneurs

  • This is a person-directed planning service that aids individuals who find employment in already established businesses a challenge. The Empowering Entrepreneurs Program helps individuals build their own business, thereby enabling greater independence, better connection and success in society and overall health of self.

  • Program goals help individuals with developmental disabilities build their own business. One-on-one class/session to support best possible success. Build confidence, communication and self-care skills. Learn how to avoid being taken advantage of. Build business budgeting skills. Plan short and long term goals. Register business name. Obtain basic business tools, items, stationary, etc. Set up website. Set up social media. Connect them to resources to help continue success post program. 

  • Program offers flexible class/session options are available to best accommodate individual.

  • Program Cost Options: 
         $50/1h            $85/2h             $125/3h

  • Program Requirements: Must have access to a computer. Access to a phone is a plus. Must have a desire to have and run own business. Must show history of challenges in average workplace.

  • On average the program length is between 6-12 weeks.  

  • Can be covered through Passport funding.

Happy Bodies

  • The balance of physical health, mental health and emotional health is crucial.

  • Sessions encompass Qigong, a slow, soothing, gentle movement modality.  

  • Option to do:
    one-on-one classes @ $65/h
    3-5 person group @ $25/pp
    6-12 person group @ $15/pp

  • Can be covered through Passport funding.

New programs are in on-going development in order to best assist our community. 

24/7 Crisis Intervention Centre: 613-969-5511 

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