Adult Programs 19+


Qigong Club

The Qigong Club is a weekly 1h class where members can attend as many as they like. Qigong is a gentle movement based class to help one improve in mobility, build vitality, ease stress and pain, improve in joy and lightness of Life.

Monthly Fees:


Nature Hearts Club

A club where learning, exploring and reconnecting to nature are at the core. Learning about herbs in a medicinal and metaphysical way. Connecting to self and building wellness. Classes run weekly 2h.


Monthly fee    $140

Temporarily Cancelled!
Everyone stay safe and healthy.

Temporarily Cancelled!
Everyone stay safe and healthy.


Whole Healing through Horses Program

The W.H.TH. Program is for individuals challenged with PTSD, emotional wounding, abuse, recovery from addictions. It's a 'get back on your feet' program. In this program we work with mustangs to help bringing about lasting change and to build new ways to journey through our daily lives. 

Option to camp on site or make accommodations off-site.

Lunches are provided.

2020 Dates:       

     April 9-12       $500         

     June 11-14      $500

     August 13-16   $500

     October 1-4    $500

Wild Horse Journey

Journeying with wild horses is a unique experience. Get in-touch with your inner-self, goals, dreams and more. Learn what wild horses (mustangs) can teach us about them and about ourselves; how to build healthy boundaries, strengthen communication skills, build self confidence and more.


2020 Dates:       

  April 24-26           $380         

  July 17-19             $380

  September 18-20   $380



Permanently Cancelled!

Permanently Cancelled!

All product and service fees go directly back into sustaining Archway Connection's programs, camps, clubs and animal welfare.