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Pallimal Program

Palliative & Hospice for Animals

The Grace of Space for the Last Chapter of Life
Archway Connection is a home for final days
The Where & Why
The Current Who & When
The How


The Horses and various farm animals in the Pallimal Program, come to us from all over Canada.

They are either surrendered to us, rescued from negative situations or bought at slaughter auctions. 



Why create and offer such a program? This is a crucial program. It aims at offering peace, safety, health and love to those during their last days. 

Dandy -date

Dandy's full name is Fine and Dandy. She was in need of a home where she could be more connected to other's like her. She was born with spine and hip issues. 


Tab -date

Tabitha has lead quite the life so far.
She comes to us in her early 20s hoping to be looked after until the rainbow bridge beckons. She is an off track thoroughbred who has won few races in her day. She then became a trail horse. When it was time for her to move again, she became a young girl's first horse. Now she is here.


The program offers socializing, animal care and welfare, activities in environmental sustainability, lessons in communication, arts, music, maths and sciences, fitness and biomechanics,  Animal and human psychology and behaviour. Through unconventional and indirect activities and modalities, youth are taught in ways that focus on their strengths.  Youth are encouraged to digitally disconnect and reconnect through nature and life. This environment is key to their successes.



The focus of the Archway K.E.E.N. Kids Club program is to provide weekly outdoor-based activities that enrich the lives of children in our community. The activities help to build friendships, creativity, communication, confidence, healthy boundaries, a sense of belonging and inclusion. 

Save lives and help to ensure souls transition with happy hearts. 

Be a 
Spirit Guide



$264 per year, helps with...

You will receive...

Be an




$396 per year, helps with...

You will receive...

Be an




$528 per year, helps with...

You will receive...

Be a 
Totem of Support



$132 per year, helps with...

You will receive...

Be a

Supreme Being​



$660 per year, helps with...

You will receive...

Those with us in Spirit


Merritt was a sweet little yearling miniature horse. During his first year, he was separated from his mother and sold at a slaughter auction. Thankfully an angel bought him. After having him for about 10 month, it became clear that it was a challenge to house him and take care of him as he could only be housed in a dog kennel. We were contacted and asked if we could take him on.  We did! He was a great match to our, at that time, only other mini. However come the late Fall he became sick and it took him.


Astiri (Siri) was a slaughter auction save. She was a retired off track thoroughbred. On the outside she seemed full of life. Children from the camps, loved her. She gave so much love to everyone. Sadly inside, cancer was slowly taking over.  Within a year, she was gone. 



Shanti was surrendered to us after living 16 in a field. She was so sad, it all but seemed the life-spark had disappeared. Over the 2 years living at Archway, she regained her health and even more magical, her spirit-spark ignited. A seizure or stroke took her life.



Jade was one of the beloved roosters of Archway's Bokkingham Palace. He was know for his clam and peaceful ways. He was one of everyone's favourite because of his personality and beauty. 


Midnight was the sweetest....



Joey the Pony was a true delight. He was bought at a slaughter auction by a rescue farm and then we adopted him into our program. He had C.O.P.D. During his 3 years with us, he regained his health, taught a few youth how to ride and help people in therapy. His anxious based heaves all but disappeared. But then the January of 2020, his heart said no more.  



Harley lead quite a life. She was origionally rescued from an Ohio puppy mill with her pups and brought up to Toronto. She then was adopted and lived in an apartment. Upon us moving out to the country, it was requested we take her and find her a home. Due to her hound breed, hunters were interested

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