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Esoterism Explorational Learning

Awaken ~ Expand ~ Become  

Awareness and Intention

🔑 Psychic Shielding and Intuition

🔑 Spells and How they Work​

🔑 Ceremonies, Rituals and Rites of Passage

​🔑 Altars, Shrines and Sacred Spaces

​🔑 Seals, Sigils and Sacred Geometry

​🔑 Amulets and Talismans

​🔑 Chants, Prayer and Meditation

​🔑 Altar, Divination and Sacred Tools

​🔑 Colours and Elements

​🔑 Crystals, Shapes and Grids

​🔑 Herbs, Oils and Sprays

​🔑 Incense and Resins

​🔑 Solstices and Equinoxes

​🔑 Planetary Influences

🔑 Astral Projection, OBEs & transfiguration

🔑 Divine figures, Guides and Archetypes

🔑 Energy Bodies (auras, chakras, meridians +)

🔑 Channeling

🔑 Exploring Energy Modalities

🔑 Magic through the Ages

🔑 The Importance of Ethics and Energy

🔑 Sound and Vibrations

​🔑 Religion vs Spirituality (inc golden rule)


Qigong is an ancient Chinese energetic practice. It focuses on rebalancing the body's energy, opening the flow of Chi (life-energy), helps in reducing pain, helps calm overstressed mind, body and spirit. It aids in bringing vital chi into the organs.

Treatments are done on a massage table however can also be done sitting or through distance work. It can be done with hands on or entirely hands off.
Human and Animal Qigong sessions off premises are available along with distance sessions. Additional travelling costs apply.

Treatment Fees:

  • 30 minutes      $40.00

  • 60 minutes      $65.00

  • Distant treatments are $85.oo



BodyMindSpirit sessions include three components: an oracle card reading, a crystal guidance channeling and an energetic body treatment using qigong techniques. 
These sessions can also be booked at Nourish the Soul and are called Soul Nourishing Tune Up Sessions.

Please note that if you'd like to book your session at Nourish the Soul, follow the link:

Treatment Fee:

  • 60 min.      $65.00   
    or   $75 at Nourish The Soul

  • Distant sessions or treatments are $85.oo


All product and service fees go directly back into sustaining Archway Connection's programs, camps, clubs and animal welfare.  
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