If you are on this page, then your journey has begun. It's time to step through a door.


The Five Doors are doorway-experiences into other places, spaces and 'thyme'​. 

Be guided through a 1h exclusive experience that will disconnect you from the outside chaos and reconnect you to the inside calm. Discover wonder, magic and secrets.

Each tour includes: a 1h-1km nature hike through the grounds of Archway Connection including pausing moments to experience Qigong and to meet our very special therapeutic farm animals.

(Qigong is a gentle, ancient Chinese movement practice that helps to balance and restore the body)

Hover over the images to tour the themed doorway descriptions.

Which elemental door calls you to tour?

Earth Door

Wild herbs and Nature

Discover over 25 wild plants. Learn about ethical harvesting, being in harmony with the land, how to process herbs. 

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Air Door

Release the cords that hold you back.

Overcome obstacles.


Get clear and find

your new direction.

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Fire Door

Playfulness is the secret to remaining youthful and healthy.

Learn about playful tools, have fun,

frolic with the fairies.

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Water Door

Wild animals and  gentle hearts.

Explore how animals and nature live in balance. 

Wild mustangs, ravens, butterflies to gentle goats, chickens and miniature horses.

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Spirit Door

Connect with your Higher-Self, your guides, ancestors, totem spirits.

Explore the worlds of magic and spirituality and what that means for you.

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Please note:

Tour bookings are closed until Spring 2021 or COVID-safety rules have lifted.

Stay home, stay safe..

Book Your Tour

  • Private (1 person)                   $65

  • Semi-Private (2 people)        $50/pp

  • Group (3-6 people)                $40/pp


  • Corporate           Contact for cost

Spice Up Your Experience

Add any of the following for an additional $35pp

  • 1h Herbal Infusion Product Making

  • 30min Card Reading

  • 1h post tour ceremonial tea time social

  • 1h Animal Whispering 101 Class

  • 1h Nature Art Class

  • 45min Energetx Treatment
    (Only available for 1 or 2 person booking)

Make it a day!

Spice up your experience even more with adding a 2h lunch or dinner feast.

Lunch options:​

  • Meat/Fish

  • Vegetarian


  • An authentic Spanish style Paella created by our  charming Claudio, Maestro de Sabores.