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Goals for the Grounds:

  • Connection Centre -Upwards of $500,000.
    Includes a fully accessible centre:

               1 Indoor versatile Therapeutic Classroom/Studio space 

               1 Indoor versatile gallery space

               2 offices

               1 quiet room

               2 washrooms

               1 Sensory Solarium

               1 screened in meditation sunroom

               1 kitchenette

  • Gathering Gazebo  -Upwards of $80,000.
    Covered 60ft Round Pen

  • Residential building for youth-at-risk.
    *foundation for potential building already exists.


               Group therapy sunroom

               Activity/sensory room

               Community room/living room

               Commercial Kitchen

               5 bedrooms

               3 bathrooms

  • The Secret Garden -$23,000.
    An All-Accessible Community Garden
           Raised beds for garden plots
           Table height beds for chairs, walkers, wheelchairs
           All accessible pathways around the garden
           All materials for growing herbs/flowers/vegetables


  • Customized utility cart and wagon -$36,000.
    This would allow us to offer mobile tours around the farm for all individuals with mobility challenges. 
           4 person utility cart with safety rails
           Attachable wheelchair mobility wagon


Goals for Annual Funding of Our Programs:

  • Adult       - Ages 18+

                           Empowering Entrepreneurs       $23,600

                           Happy Bodies                          $16,000

  • Teen        - Adolescent youth from 13-17

                           Saddle Up for Success              $5,540

                           P.E.A.C.E. Warriors Program      $8,000

                           T.E.E.N.S Space                       $8,000

  • Children  - School aged 6-12

                           ACxEL                                     $12,200

                           K.E.E.N.ers                              $8,600


  • Financial donations to our Hospice for Horses Program to cover vet, medications and specialized feed.

  • Financial donations toward assisting the farm in it's continued work to restore it's nature or actual plants, trees, foliage. Specific list of ideal plants is available upon request.

  • Lumber, plywood sheets and metal sheeting for paddock, shelters and repairs.

  • Repair our horse trailer:

             -Paint job

             -Rust removal

             -New tires

  • Roof repair for the tack room camper-trailer.

  • Construction and roof repair of an old building to become a retail space. The aim for this shop is to help individuals learn vital employment skills ie. retail sales, mathematics, customer service, problem solving, etc. 

  • 2 days use of backhoe and labourer to dig trench for drainage in horse paddocks.

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