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Programs for Kids

Learn, expand and deepen your knowledge, understanding and life.
Kids Programs
Ages 5-12

ACXEL  Program

Archway Connection eXcelling through Experiential Learning

  • A full-day bi-weekly experiential learning program directed to homeschooled youth. 

  • The program offers socializing, animal care and welfare, activities in environmental sustainability, lessons in communication, arts, music, maths and sciences, fitness and biomechanics,  Animal and human psychology and behaviour. Through unconventional and indirect activities and modalities, youth are taught in ways the focus on their strengths.  Youth are encouraged to digitally disconnect and reconnect through nature and life. This environment is key to their successes.


K.E.E.N.ers  Program 


To be Kind, Explore, Express & be Nurtured!

  • The focus of the Archway K.E.E.N. Kids Club program is to provide weekly outdoor-based activities that enrich the lives of children in our community. The activities help to build friendships, creativity, communication, confidence, healthy boundaries, a sense of belonging and inclusion. 

  • Each rotation of youth remains small, so that more attention and care is received. Each rotation includes a total of 8 youth ranging in age from 6-12.

  • The Club runs on weekend days in 4-week rotations. It runs from 10:00am-1:00pm.  All program activity materials are provided. 

  • This program has been thus far been extremely successful for it’s 2 years running. It’s demand in attendance is regularly growing and expanding. The biggest limitation is the funding needed for all families to access this program for their child(ren).

New programs are in on-going development in order to best assist our community. 
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