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Lessons, Part Boarding & Leasing

Stepping into a Deeper Connection
Dao Yin Riding Lessons

Dao Yin Riding focuses of deepening the connection with Self and with the horse-partner. It goes into techniques both on-horse and off-horse of harmonious alignment and building a strong  foundation. Dao Yin Riding is infused with the ancient techniques and movements of Qigong.

Beginners to advanced riders.

Ages 5 and up. There is a weight restriction of 225lb. Mandatory use of helmets and appropriate footwear. Helmets are available for lessons if rider does not have their own.

Prior to participation in a Duo or Trio lesson, riders must have attended a minimum of 5 private lessons. 

Lessons are currently held outside and therefore weather dependant.
No Lessons are held on days that are -10C or +25C, hard rain, thunderstorms, high winds.


Lesson Fees:

  • Private  -60 minutes      $65.00

  • Duo       -60 minutes      $45.00 per person

  • Trio       -60 minutes      $35.00 per person

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"Horseback riding at Archway Connection is unlike anywhere else."

Want to go beyond lessons and step toward a more personal experience? Want a horse of your own but not quite ready for the full costs and responsibilities that comes with owning? How about part-boarding or leasing a horse? What’s the difference?



Regular Fees if not in the Part Boarding or Leasing Programs:

Private Riding Lessons: 


Practice or solo rides (post five initial private lessons):




Not quite ready to make the jump to part boarding or leasing? How about a pre-step of weekly lessons for two months with a commitment to move into one of the options upon the beginning of the third month? This option offers private riding lessons at a reduced rate of $45 for 8 lessons totalling a fee of:  


Part Boarding

Parting boarding is a great next step. Part boarding gives you the experience of going beyond just riding lessons. It offers you the first step in responsibility towards owning a horse but without the stress and worry of medical care and upkeep, the need for tack and grooming tool, etc.  

This option includes 2 private riding lessons a month at a reduced rate of $45 per lesson plus 8 solo rides a month at a reduced rate of $10 per ride for a total fee of:


Full Lease

Full lease would be the second step or option for a more personal experience. The horse is only used by you, not other students. There is more responsibility as you will be requested to be here for bi-monthly farrier visits and any potential medical visits; this aids in preparing you for owning your own horse. Option to obtain your own tack and grooming tools is encouraged (these can be stored onsite if desired). 

This step includes solo use of one of the horses, 2 private riding lessons a month at a reduced rate of $45 and to ride whenever you like for a total fee of:  


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