Michelle (Micha) Pritchard

   Once upon a time in a dark neighbourhood lived a mother with her two children. They lived in a grungy tower with many other struggling people. Some of which became friends.
   The older of the two children, Michelle, was wild and full of energy. She was unstoppable, untameable and wanted to know the world. Her mother decided it was time she did just that. Daily they would descend from the safety of the tower and navigate through the city streets to a place of wisdom and magic. The first two years nourished Michelle's spirit. She discovered many new things and many new loves, art, climbing, playing, running, music, dance and friends.
   One summer they had to move to a new place. It was scary. Even though it was not too far from their other home, it was still a new tower with new grounds, new surroundings, new people, new school, new worries.

   For the first two years all was delightful. Bigger place, new friends, new school mates. But that was not to last. During the third year, a storm of darkness rolled in and stayed for the next eight years. It wreaked havoc in the home, in the tower, in the school. It taught Michelle about fear, worry, cruelty, betrayal, sickness and sadness. She learned how people can get lost without ever traveling. As soon as she thought this was going to be the new normal, a tiny spark of hope came from each of those worlds. At home, it came from animals. They shared secrets and offered love. At school it came from art. Art taught her about magic and that magic was/is art. Art allowed her to express what her voice could not. It offered her places to escape to where she was in charge. She could be the maker in the art world. 


Animals and art were her saving grace, her keys to survival.

The A-Side (Academic):

  • Specialized Arts program
    Westview Academy of Arts.

  • Fine Arts & Photography
    Ryerson University.

  • International Equestrian Coaching
    in Ontario, Ireland and California.

  • Psychotherapy
    Transformational Arts College.

  • Spiritual Directorship
    Transformational Arts College.

  • Therapeutic Touch
    Levels 1,2 and 3.

  • Leadership training in Conservation and Sustainability.


The B-Side (Stand out points in Life)​:

  • 10+ years involved in the SCA
    (Society for Creative Anachronism)

  • 25+ years involved in New Age and spirituality.

  • 30+ years in the equestrian world.

  • 7+ years writer fairytales for a
    bi-annual publication.

  • Worked in the oddest places:
    -The Occult Shop
    -Ontario Renaissance Fair
    -Medieval jewelry and design
    -Traveling amusement carnival

  • Bookbinder

  • Carver of wood, antler, horn and bone.

Micha's Story

24/7 Crisis Intervention Centre: 613-969-5511 

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