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Manifesting through Music

Ground through Sound and Vibrate in Tune!
Tune Intuit

Sessions are facilitated through Claudio Rocca.


Music soothes the soul, calms the mind and heals the body.

Tune Intuit sessions are for everyone. Whether you are experiencing stress, anxiety, recovering from PTSD, exposure, addictions or simply wanting to connect with yourself through the cords of music. Sessions focus on the goals and wants of the client. 


Sessions are typically 90 minutes long           $90.00

                                       60 minutes long           $65.00



Music Notes
Advanced Classical Music Lessons

Looking to deepen your classical understanding of music, composition and conducting?


  • History of music and classical forms

  • Music Analysis & Aesthetics

  • Basics of composition

Must have an understanding of music notation.

Lessons are coached by Claudio Rocca, Master in Music. 

Lessons are 60 minutes long                      $65.00

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