Animal-Assissted Therapeutic Counselling

Sessions are facilitated through Michelle Pritchard.


Counselling encompasses an organic approach toward the emotional and mental health healing that each client needs/wants. Interactions include horses, donkeys, goats, chickens, cats or dogs. Sessions are offered outdoors in a safe, relaxed and judgement-free space. 

More than simply spending time with an animal, these interventions target specific therapeutic goals and strategies. These experiences can include walking, brushing, petting and caring for an animal, Psycho-dynamic modalities, Qigong movements and breathing, as well as processing the experience of achieving a given task.


Sessions are typically 90 minutes long           $90.00

                                       60 minutes long           $65.00



Dao Yin Riding Lessons

Lessons are coached by Michelle Pritchard.


Dao Yin Riding focuses of deepening the connection with Self and with the horse-partner. It goes into techniques both on-horse and off-horse of harmonious alignment and building a strong  foundation. Dao Yin Riding is infused with the ancient techniques and movements of Qigong.

Beginners to advanced riders.

Ages 5 and up. There is a weight restriction of 225lb. Mandatory use of helmets and appropriate footwear. Helmets are available for lessons if rider does not have their own.

Prior to participation in a Duo or Trio lesson, riders must have attended a minimum of 5 private lessons. 


Lessons are currently held outside and therefore weather dependant.
No Lessons are held on days that are -10C or +25C, hard rain, thunderstorms, high winds.


Private  -60 minutes      $50.00

Duo       -60 minutes      $40.00 per person

Trio       -60 minutes      $35.00 per person

Medical Qigong Treatments

Treatments are facilitated through Michelle Pritchard.


Qigong is an ancient Chinese energetic practice. It focuses on rebalancing the body's energy, opening the flow of Chi (life-energy), helps in reducing pain, helps calm overstressed mind, body and spirit. It aids in bringing vital chi into the organs. Treatments are done on a massage table however can also be done sitting or through distance work. It can be done with hands on or entirely hands off.
Human and Animal Qigong sessions off premises are available along with distance sessions. Additional travelling costs may apply.


60 minutes      $55.00



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