The Human Team

-Directors, Facilitators, Coaches and Instructors

Michelle Pritchard is the founder and co-director of Archway Connection. 


The A-side to her background includes Medical Qigong Practitioner training from Nightingales Institute of Energetic Medicine, Psychotherapy and Spiritual Directorship training from Transformational Arts College, Therapeutic Touch, Fine Arts training from Ryerson University and International Equestrian Coaching and training.


The B-side includes 15+ years medieval studies, 25+ years in esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual arts, essential oils, plant medicine, wild crafting and farming, 30+ years animal behaviour and communication, music, bookbinding and fiction writing, carver of wood, horn, bone and antler. 

She combines all her knowledge and passions into weaving the transformative and therapeutic tapestry that is Archway Connection.

Claudio Rocca is the co-director of Archway Connection. 


The A-side to his international background is in classical composing and conducting, mental health and rehabilitation, special needs.

The B-side includes fine cooking, creating works of art through the medium of wood.

Hollie Graham is a professional dancer, dance coach, energetic movements coach and ...

The A-side to her background includes professional dancing, coaching, training in The Way of the Heart, certified Reiki practitioner.

The B-side includes being a mom, diving into the energetic world of colour and chakras, connecting with animals on healing levels.

Sadie Snell is a riding instructor and caretaker of the magnificent beasts of Archway Connection.


The A-side to her background includes 14 years of riding, competitive showmanship and stable care, summer camp councillor. 

The B-side includes cooking, baking, axe throwing, plant and animal care.

Meave Mastracci is the media magician and digital alchemist of Archway Connection.​

24/7 Crisis Intervention Centre: 613-969-5511 

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