"Bringing community together
one breath, one move, one step at a time."

Qigong   ~   Dance   ~  Creativity   ~   Sound   ~   Mindfulness

Archway Wellness Classes are for your body, mind and spirit.

Classes are held outdoors unless harsh weather beckons us inside. Class sizes are limited.

They are open for all ages and abilities. Great for a friends or family activity.

Children under 14 and special needs individuals require parent/guardian to also sign up and participate in the classes.


Exercise physical distance, wear a mask when indoors, bring your own class equipment if needed like a mat, water bottle, etc.

If you feel any COVID-like symptoms, stay home, stay safe.

dancing in purple pants



with Michelle Pritchard

How often do we live and ride in a go-go-go mindset? How often do we overlook our health and state of mind when we ride?

Equestrian Qigong class helps to center, ground and stabilize our inner-selves; lengthen and activate important rider muscles; deepen our ways of connecting with our horses.

Horseback riding is a partnership of magic and a way of life the is unlike anything else in the world.
This is a human-on-ground class not an on-horse class.

Qigong for

with Michelle Pritchard


Qigong for Wellness is a weekly class geared to help your immunity, mental healthy, emotional wellness and physical wellbeing. 
Gentle movements help to cleanse and energize organs, calm stress and bring joy to your heart. ​

Learn how the seasons move and us with them, what is most helpful for us during each season, how to release and let go of the old to make room for the new and so much more.

Breath & Movement

with Hollie Graham

Feel invigorated and flow more freely through ballet-based movement classes. Weaving breath, colour, meditation and music into these classes, they go beyond simple movements and aid in deepening connections to self, community and nature. Heal with colour, energize with breath, lengthen with movement, laugh with sound. Absolutely all levels of experience, whether you are brand spanking new or an ol' pro in the world of movements, are welcome to register and attend.

Chakra Radience

with Hollie Graham​

A dance class that will connect you with your chakras, the energy points in your body. Opening them up, bringing them into a healthy balance and letting them dance up some fun!

Learn about the 7 major chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

Learn where they are, what the represent and do, how to clear, recharge and dance them into balance. ​

Laughing Yoga

Mens Healing


with Michelle Pritchard

A male focused qigong class to help support health and happiness.  Focusing on breath and qigong techniques to move beyond stress and anxiety.

A class to support the coming together of men in a compassionate group setting.


Women Stretching on Yoga Mat


with Michelle Pritchard

A 1h qigong class focused for teens ages 14-17 to help calm, balance, de-stress,

build health and immunity. 

This class is a no-charge class but there's a catch. It requires a $60 non-refundable deposit upfront. As long as you show up to class, you do not have to pay. However $20 will be subtracted from the deposit each time you do not show up or cancel under 24h notice, giving you three chances to remain in class. 

 Contact to register, spots are limited. 

Class runs on Tuesdays at 4:30

$$$ FREE $$$


Wellness Coach

Energetic Stretch & Meditation

with Hollie Graham

Description will be added shortly.

Class runs in 4 wk rotations

with a max of 6 participants.


Group Dance

Movement of the Heart

with Hollie Graham​

A movement class focusing on ways to unlock your inner-self, opening new doorways to live the best, fullest, healthiest, happiest life you want.

Class runs in 4 wk rotations

with a max of 6 participants.




24/7 Crisis Intervention Centre: 613-969-5511 

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