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Heal your body, mind and soul!

Archway Exploration Sessions are private 1:1 sessions that are simultaneously therapeutic and educational.

Sessions encompass a balance of 3 components, physical, mental and emotional. Sessions are customized to each individual client and their needs during that specific session.


Various activities during sessions may include any of the following:

  • Qigong -An ancient Chinese gentle physical movement practice that aids in relaxation, flexibility, organ health and mental stimulation.

  • Art therapy -Art based activities that allow client to explore their emotions, expand ways to communicate and de-stress.

  • Animal interactions -Interactions with therapeutic farm animals to build one’s voice, help clients calm anxious feelings, ground and connect with life.

  • Wild Herb Sensory -Exploring wild, locally grown herbs, how they help our body, mind and soul, how they calm or energize us, how we can be in balance and harmony.

  • T'walking -Talk n' Walk. T'walking is Emotional Healing Facilitation while walking. Mental health techniques and tools are used to build bridges of trusted communication, strengthen healthy boundaries, expand self-awareness, decrease stressors and anxiety.


 2024 Fee Schedule:

  • 60min.     $75.00     

  • 90min.     $105.00

  • 120min.    $135.00

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