Heal your body, mind and soul!
Archway Exploration Sessions

Archway Sessions are private sessions that are simultaneously therapeutic and educational.

Sessions encompass a balance of 3 components, physical, mental and emotional. Sessions are customized to each individual client and their needs during that specific session.


Various activities during sessions may include any of the following:

  • Qigong -An ancient Chinese gentle physical movement practice that aids in relaxation, flexibility, organ health and mental stimulation.

  • Art therapy -Art based activities that allow client to explore their emotions, expand ways to communicate and de-stress.

  • Animal interactions -Interactions with therapeutic farm animals to build one’s voice, help clients calm anxious feelings, ground and connect with life.

  • Wild Herb Sensory -Exploring wild, locally grown herbs, how they help our body, mind and soul, how they calm or energize us, how we can be in balance and harmony.

  • T'walking -Talk n' Walk. T'walking is Emotional Healing Facilitation while walking. Mental health techniques and tools are used to build bridges of trusted communication, strengthen healthy boundaries, expand self-awareness, decrease stressors and anxiety.


 Session Fees are: 

  • 60min.     $65.00     

  • 90min.     $90.00

  • 120min.    $110.00

Medical Qigong Treatments

Qigong is an ancient Chinese energetic practice. It focuses on rebalancing the body's energy, opening the flow of Chi (life-energy), helps in reducing pain, helps calm overstressed mind, body and spirit. It aids in bringing vital chi into the organs.

Treatments are done on a massage table however can also be done sitting or through distance work. It can be done with hands on or entirely hands off.
Human and Animal Qigong sessions off premises are available along with distance sessions. Additional travelling costs apply.

Treatment Fees:

  • 30 minutes      $40.00

  • 60 minutes      $65.00


Espiri-tune Up Sessions

Espiri-tune up sessions include three components: an oracle card reading, a crystal guidance channeling and an energetic body treatment using qigong techniques. 
These tune ups can also be booked at Nourish the Soul and are called Soul Nourishing Tune Up Sessions. Please note that if you'd like to book your session at Nourish the Soul, follow the link:

Treatment Fee:

  • 60 minutes      $65.00   or   $75 at Nourish The Soul


24/7 Crisis Intervention Centre: 613-969-5511 

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